Were you employed in the Netherlands?

Apply for a tax refund!

If you have worked in the Netherlands there's a good chance that you, and possibly also your partner, are eligible for a tax reclaim. Even if your partner doesn't have a social security and tax number he or she can be eligible for a tax refund of thousands of euros or more. This can be reclaimed for a period of up to five years.

TaxNL is a tax consultancy firm that is specialised in filing Dutch tax refunds. With well over 10 years of experience, our unique system and many satisfied customers we are proud to say that we have become market leader in this field over the years.

For migrant workers or foreign taxpayers it is usually impossible to reclaim the maximum possible tax amount. For those people TaxNL is a perfect godsend; we take care of all the red tape in order to realise as high a tax refund as possible.

TaxNL is characterised by a high service level. Thus, without charging you extra, all correspondence addressed to you will be received by us, dealt with, replied to and, if necessary, forwarded to you. What is more, TaxNL very often collaborates with a branch in your country of residence, so that we can help you in your own language at all times.

As a migrant worker you can call on us for:

  • Tax refunds
  • Applying for a tax and social insurance number for fiscal partners
  • Lost documents (tax return forms/annual income statements
  • Applying for care allowance
  • Applying for child benefit and child-related budgets (KGB)

TaxNL’s services offer you the following advantages:

  • Professional handling
  • Maximum tax refund
  • Communication in your own language
  • Registered with the tax authorities under number BECON 488318
  • Commission to be paid after realisation of the tax refund
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